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In 1961 I was fresh out of college and working my first job in the oilfield. I wandered into a gunsmith's shop in Mississippi and got to talking to the owner. He pulled out a cigar box that had all the pieces of a Colt Frontier Six Shooter in it. They were grey, but had no pitting and the bbl had a decent bore. We struck a deal and I walked out with my first Colt SAA for $50. I sure had fun putting that one back together and shooting it. Later traded it off at a gun show in Los Angeles for a new 2nd gen 38 Spl SAA with a 7 1/2" bbl. Then later I traded that one in Bakersfield for a 1st gen 41 Colt that had originally been shipped to The Copper Queen Consolidated Mine in Bisbee AZ. Don't remember what happened to that one, but for some reason, I still have the letter! Forward a "few" the 90's I got infatuated with German Lugers and sold or traded most of my SAA's for them. But I always kept 2 or 3 for shooting! Then about 10 yrs ago I got interested in Bar-B-Q guns and sold most of my Lugers to finance that affliction. So now I'm back to Colt SAA's, and time marches on......
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