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I'm 47. I bought my first SAA when I was 24. I had just graduated law school, had a heap of debt hanging over me and a low-paying job. I wanted a 5.5" blue/cc 45. A local shop owner pulled one out of his office and dangled it in front of me like a hypnotist with a gold pocket watch. It was a 1970 model in about 98% condition with no box. I asked for a five-month layaway period, because I just couldn't afford to pay it off any sooner - or so I thought. I wanted it so badly, that I paid it off in about two months. I currently have 11 SAAs (three first gen, two second gen, and six third gen), a Bisley 44-40 and a recently made New Frontier 45. I would really like to own one or two high condition, boxed first generation models some day, but I am very thankful for what I have. The SAA is such a beautifully balanced gun and so pleasing to the eye.

My oldest brother turns 67 this month. After a number of years of trying, I finally talked him into buying an SAA. He is waiting on an engraved 5.5" 45 from Nutmeg. I tell him he won't regret it. :)
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