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I've had a run - for me at least - of luck over the past 6 months in finding less common Colts of the revolver persuasion. These are by no means rare, but you certainly don't see them on every table at the local gun show. Best of all, I could afford them.

Listed Front To Back:

King Cobra, Blue, 4" bbl, SN: V700xx; Found in a Las Vegas Gun Store while on vaction.
Lawman MK V, Blue, 4" bbl. SN: 207xxV; Found on GunBroker.
Metropolitan MK III, Blue, 4" bbl. SN: J919xx; Found in Tuscaloosa. AL. Pawn Shop on a trip to visit my mother.

I am guessing on dates, so any info would be appreciated: King-'87, Lawman -'83, and Metro -'73.

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