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Those are the pics I’m loading of a quick ten shot.
Just bought this from GunsI ( first time ) , bonus my state .
Pictures don’t do it justice . Supposed/ Probable Custom Shop build from late 2K aughts.
Steve Kamyk , Rich Stoddard and probably Dan Chesiak also .

Knew I was gonna really like it , but didn’t know was gonna fall hard .
It was almost a now or never , needed an engraved blue O .
Ain’t ever gettin cheaper !!! Woulda liked a little more scratch on frame , but definitely ain’t disappointed a bit .

The extra coverage woulda been a g plus - so yeah , most beautious.The incredible polish on frame , plus all controls make it stunning.
Not perfect , but to me overall high nineties on perfection .

This pistol was built to look , and shoot . Fitment and blending is of all high standard .
Has been shot by original owner , who had commissioned possibly pre Brent.
Not my first or second Novak/brass dot Colt , guy had my tastes - to a T bone

Long day - breathing and dreaming COLT
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... Ya only live once 🏁🏴‍☠️

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Fantastic pick up. Love the style as well. Thanks for sharing your new pony with us !! 👍👍
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