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Thunderer conversion question

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Hello, All. Wondering if anyone can help with this question: I'm acquiring an early Thunderer, but don't care for the grip style. Can the grip of a Thunderer practically be changed to that of a Peacemaker style grip? Or is that gun locked in to what it is? Thanks.
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All it takes is money.

But probably any good pistolsmith can rework the backstrap, maybe even modify a Single Action Army grip to fit.

Google Alonzo Crull for some ideas of what can be done.

Bob Wright
If you are looking to make a shooter out of a Model 1877 .41 Colt, be forewarned that it has an extremely fragile mechanism and also a caliber that is hard to find.
Yes I know. But I love a good challenge :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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