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Python timing issues...

What exactly do you mean??? I continue to hear that the Python is the best there is/yet there are timing issues... Tell me what the timing issue's are??? - Or, if it is not a true/realistic issue...

Dig it!!!

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Timing is the process in which the cylinder unlocks, rotates to the next chamber, aligns itself with the bore, and re-locks.

This process MUST occur in a certain order, and at the time required.

For instance, if the timing is off, the cylinder may try to rotate BEFORE it's unlocked, or the gun may fire before the cylinder is aligned with the bore, and it's locked in place.

All revolvers, no matter who made them, or how strong they are can develop timing problems.

Typically, timing problems are caused by normal, long-term wear, or (much more often) because of abuse.

Abuse is slamming the cylinder open and shut with a snap of the wrist, (Bogarting), cocking the hammer with a forceful jerk, firing double action by yanking the trigger as hard and fast as you can, or shooting overly hot ammo.

Any of this will wreck a revolver, but the older colt action, as used on the Python, is built with smaller parts, and the action depends on those parts being in PERFECT order.
Abuse the gun, and it simply stops working properly, and various problems appear.

The Python was intended to be the finest target revolver ever built, and should be treated like an expensive sports car, not a cheap Chevy.

When properly treated, the Python will last for a lifetime with no problems, but abuse it, and it fails faster than other guns will.

Other brands have heavier parts, and these parts are designed so they DON'T have to be "perfect" in order to work.
Therefore, they can take more abuse before giving problems, BUT there is a trade-off.

The trade-off is, these revolvers don't have the Python's accuracy or quality.
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