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My PP suffers from slow timing. Even when cocking the hammer briskly it will not "carry up". I've heard that the hand can be bent or stretched to correct this. Is this a reliable fix or do I need a new hand?

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The hand can be stretched IF the following is followed:

1. If the hand has been stretched some time in the past, it can't be stretched again. Stretching is a ONE TIME ONLY fix.

2. The hand MUST be stretched in the right place and in the right manner.
Hands are NOT stretched where you'd think, nor in the manner most people would do it.

3. IF that's ALL that's wrong.
Usually, even a badly worn or defective hand will still lock the revolver if cocked briskly.
This leads me to suspect that something else may also be bad.

I strongly suggest either letting a real Colt pro like Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters do this, OR if you want to try it yourself, buy a copy of Jerry Kuhnhausen's book "The Colt Double Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual, Vol One".

This is an easy job to fumble, and then you're up a creek, because you'd have to buy a new hand (expensive) and have it fitted (NOT easy).

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