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Timney Trigger for my LE6940

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I have shot a 1000 rds thru my 6940 and trigger still feels gritty and weight is too high. Will the Timney trigger group drop into this gun without any mods? I dont even know if the LE6940 has a sear block or not. If so, I believe it has to be machined to be removed so that the Timney will fit. Are they any other trigger assemblies that will 'drop in' without any mods? Thanks,
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There are several youtube views on this and from what I saw should not be to hard to do. One video on, yes I am not good at putting in the click on way.
Can't speak on LE6940, but I just put a 3 lb. Timney in a CRX-16. Took about 10 minuets and made a world of difference. A Timney trigger is well worth the investment. You might consider calling Timney and asking them. I have talked with them previously and they have been very helpful. Call Timney at 623-223-1111. or email at [email protected].
The LE6920 has no sear block. I believe that Colt has discontinued using the block in all rifles.

Most triggers "drop-in" with little effort. I installed a Rock River Arms two stage trigger, and I did have to remove the safety to get the trigger itself in.
It's possible I was just in a hurry and could have installed it with the safety in place but it was just easier.
To remove the safety, all you have to do is remove the pistol grip and the safety spring and plunger from the receiver, which are held in by the grip.

Most AR trigger units install with no modifications to Colt rifles. For a carbine, I personally wouldn't use an adjustable trigger.
For a defense type carbine adjustable triggers are somewhat over-kill and add complexity and may cause problems with adjustments getting adjusted too close or loosing adjustment.

For a carbine I'd recommend one of the drop-in non adjustable triggers, and I prefer the two stage units, which seem to offer much more reliable operation without problems.
As said, I installed a Rock River double stage, non adjustable unit that works great.
Due to the two stage operation there's little chance of a hammer following the bolt down or failing to reset properly.

One pointer is to apply a good grease to the key operating surfaces of the hammer , trigger, and disconnecter. This gives much smoother operation and less wear.
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The Timney is a non-adjustable single stage trigger that should drop in without any mods according to all the info I have found. I thought some grease on the OEM mil-spec trigger group would help improve the smoothness but there's hardly any difference after all the shooting I have done. I guess I could have taken it out and smoothed the surfaces but I also want to lighten the pull to see if I can improve my shot groups.
I have been running rds down the 100 yd line and I think my accuracy is affected by my bench rest technique. I am using an oversize sandbag under the stock and after each shot I have to re-position gun and myself. So I hope to find a better method of resting the stock to see if my groups get tighter. I am using a Bipod mount up front.
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I have a Geissele SSA 2 stage in mine. For a defensive rifle it is great, it is the trigger US special operations uses.

Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger
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