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Trade my AK pistol for 1977 DS?

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A local guy wants to sell/trade his 1977 Detective Special.
In the picture, it looks perfect.
It comes with a Galco holster.
The grips aren't original. They are Pachmayr Compacs with Colt medallions.
He is interested in trading it for my Romanian AK pistol.
I really like the AK pistol, but it's about as useless as udders on a bull, IMO.

What say ye fine folks?
Would you trade off a 2007/2008 Romanian AK pistol for a 1977 Colt Detective Special?
I won't make a decision until I look at it and determine that the finish is original and that it is mechanically perfect.
I've only put 60 rounds through the AK pistol, and would not trade it for a Colt that needs work, or has been refinished.
Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Starting pistol

So, would the hammer and trigger have been blued like that, from the factory?
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In a heartbeat. You answered your own question with your definition of the ak pistol to you "udders on a bull".
I just sold a Glock 26 and 300 rounds of 22 so that I could buy a very nice S&W M19-3. So I say yes.
Huummm getting rid of a useless gun for a D.S. that looks great ? SOUNDS LIKE A DEAL 2 ME.....JMHO....Mike
I'd make the deal in in half a heartbeat. Hurry up before he sobers up. ;)
yes, trade yes. the hammer sides should be in the white. from the pic the gun looks right but must see in person too be sure.
Deal did not go through.
He pestered me to trade with him.
Then, we met up and looked at each others gun.
He decided to pass.
That was ok.
Then, he decided it was necessary to denigrate MY gun and talk smack about how they can't even get $300 for those AK pistols, blah, blah, blah, and how his Colt is a $1,000 dollar revolver/rare/collector pistol/new/etc.
I pointed out that you can't get your hands on any AK pistol for less than $600, and most I've seen go for $900 to $1,200.
I then pointed out that his gun didn't have original grips/box & paperwork/had been fired, and the line between the frame and sideplate stuck out like a green pecker.
Not a $1000 dollar pistol, and even if it was, it doesn't go for more than the AK pistols do.
I don't completely get why the AK pistols go for as much as they do, but they do.

I had misgivings about the deal, because he acted like a know it all over the phone, yet stated that he is not a revolver guy.
One of the first things he said, after declining to trade was "I do my reasearch".
That is always a red flag that someone is a know it all and doesn't really know what in the hell they're talking about.
I've never seen an exception to this.
I don't ever throw that out with folks because it makes you sound like a feminine hygiene wash bag.
Do I do research? Yes, but I don't feel compelled to tell people how much I think I know.
Have I shot, owned, handled, and studied firearms for the majority of my life?
Yes, but I like to keep that to myself and use knowledge to my benefit.
I don't care if anyone thinks I know anything about anything.
Often, it's better if people think I know nothing, which he obviously did.

He knew surprisingly little about gun laws, gun values, and the Kalashnikov pattern-for someone who wanted to talk like an expert.
I hate having my time wasted by people like that.

Funny thing, a buddy asked me a question about a specific Smith & Wesson revolver a few weeks ago. He prefaced his query with "You're an gun expert, what can you tell me about..........?"
I replied with, "I never have and never will claim to be an expert. I know what I know. I don't know what I don't know. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge concerning things that interest me and some things that don't interest me. I obsess over learning as much as possible about a product before handing over my money for a product. I don't think that qualifies me as an expert, but ask me anyway, maybe I know something that will help you."
I forget what his exact question was, but I was only about 90% certain of the answer and told him so.

My customers always ask me to work on their cars. I tell them that I'm not an auto mechanic, and that forklifts and cars are completely different. (neither one is completely true).
I paid my way through school by working as an auto mechanic, at a local shop.
Forklifts have gotten much more like cars than they were when I started working on them in 1994.
But, I don't want to work on cars in my off time, and I don't know enough about all the circuits and systems on current automobiles to feel comfortable giving concrete advice.

So, anyway, deal did not go down. I'm not broken up about it.

I did find a shooter grade DS for $329 asking price.
I don't remember enough about the differences between first and second issue DS models to say for sure which it is.
It has the long, PPS grip frame. Square(?) butt. More wide butt with rounded off corners. Definitely not the short butt. Walnut grips that appear original, going buy the checkering wear.
Nickel plated.
Either re-plated, or was originally blued, and had surface finish issues. Has been polished so that half the pony is gone and the lettering on L/S of barrel is hard to read.
Mechanically, it is perfect. Timing, carry up, and lockup are perfect. Like new. Bank vault tight. Indexes perfectly. Bolt drops when it should, and pops up when it should.

I can probably get it for $275-$300. Thinking about getting it for a carry gun.
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I'm wrong. It appears the nickel DS I saw is a round butt. Looks like a second issue/second series.
I was thinking in terms of S&W round butts, where the grip frame is smaller all the way down.
I guess the Colt meaning of round butt is more accurate. The Smith round butt is more of a small butt or slim/narrow/tapered butt.
Anyhoo, I guess it's a second, not first series DS. If the internet pictures of PPS square butt vs DS round butt are to be believed.

Oop, mah bad!
Glad you did not trade with the guy if he was going to be that much of a fool. Sounds like a good price for a solid carry gun. Post pics when you can.......Mike.
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