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I have been looking for a nice Frontier Scout in Blue with black grips for a few years now. It was the first gun I ever shot and the first gun my father gave me. I traded mine in on another gun 10 years ago and regret it today.

So I came across this 1960 K series #2288K today and could not pass it up. It is like new the guy said it had never been fired and looking it over I tend to agree. it is brilliant, not even a scratch where the cylinder rotates. everything looks great. it is too nice for what I want. I am looking for a good shooter in blue. Something I can let me kids shoot without flinching every time they lay it down...

If you have a good quality shooter in Blue with black grips I am interested in a trade. I want a Frontier Scout only. pm or email me if you are interested in my gun [email protected]

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