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Trigger return problem on OP

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I just took my latest OP, a 1943 Heavy Barrel, sn 6858xx out to the range. It shot fine(WWB 150 gr. LRN) but after about 18 rounds the trigger wouldn't return without a nudge from
from my finger,after which it would return,although slightly sluggishly. Before taking it out to the range everything worked fine. Trigger pull seems slightly heavier
and less smooth than my other 1943 Heavy Barrel OP. It does sound as though something tiny may be loose when I move gun the gun up and down...
Any suggestions? Is there a recommended spray cleaner I could use to see if it's just some gunk loosened up by the firing?

Thanks in advance.

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I spray lots of Eezox inside of guns to remove old lube, crud, etc.

It sounds like you may have a loose or missing trigger return spring.
I spray lots of Eezox inside of guns to remove old lube, crud, etc.

It sounds like you may have a loose or missing trigger return spring.
On these Colt's there is no trigger return spring as such. Everything is powered by the "vee" spring.

In this case I suspect the rattle is the hammer blocking safety. This is not uncommon in a gun in which the lubricant has dried up.

To clean the gun out you can spray in some "Gun Scrubber" type gun cleaner, let dry completely, then spray in a lubricant.
Or you can just spray in the lube and let it spread.
One of the newer CLP type spray lubes will dissolve any old dried lube and will lubricate it.
Yes...most likely from friction or 'drag' of foreign matter and or oxidized old Lube...or both.

So, a good ( really good ) cleaning, and, a generous Lubing, ought to solve it.

Unfortunately for anyone not familiar - the best way to clean is to dismantle the Mechanism, and, really be able then to clean inside the back side of the moving Parts, where, old dusts mixed with old lube, would have tended to bind or adhere.

But, a good Spray Solvent, like Brake Cleaner or one of the Chloroform based ( leaves no residue ) ones, can work very well, to dissolve and flush out old materials or dissolve old hardened/oxidized lubes without having to dismantle just has to work the little Spray 'tube' down and in as far as possible, from where-ever possible ( and watch one's Eyes! in case any of it comes squirting out! )
Thanks for the replies. Good news: I found my Break Free I'd mislaid, took the gun out into the garage and dribbled the Break Free in through the hammer slot and trigger slot and
with about 7 or 8 pulls(on empty shells) the trigger was snapping back properly. I since been dry firing every so often with A-Zooms and so far everything's fine. I am going to get
some Gun Scrubber type stuff.

Thanks again.

Oh good...glad to hear..!

Once you are satisfied with it being clean inside ( flushed out well )...of course, Oil it up well, really well...Oil the Ejector Rod, Oil under the Star/Ratchet, Oil the Crane, Oil the Cylinder Bearings on the Ejector Rod, Oil the heck out of the Mechanism proper.
Update: Took it out today(finally) and it works fine. Interestingly, it shoots pretty much to point of aim while my other '43 OP HB shoots slightly high and to the right with the same load. This is true for me and my nephew both. We also took out my Army Special with the snubbed OP barrel. It shot surprisingly low with the above load,but grouped surprisingly
well, considering the barrel was cut at a slight angle. All in all a good day, finished up with a couple of shrimp poboys.
Thanks for everyones suggestions.


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