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Trooper Date / finish

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Couple of questios, I have a Mark 3 Trooper ser # 1731XX. Date of manufacture? Finish is dull silver. Is this electroless nickle or stainless steel. thanks!
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Are you sure there is not a letter in that serial number? Like at the end?
I'm aware of shiny nickel troopers, but not stainless.


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The Trooper Mark III was never made in stainless.

Colt did offer the electroless nickel finish, both as "Electroless Nickel", and as "ColtGuard".

This is a satin finish which, being nickel, has a distinctive "yellow" cast.
I'll check in the am - is locked in the safe at my shop. es
Ser # 17347U (I sure need bifocals!). Thanks
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