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Thanks to the help of the fine folks of this forum, I was able to fix a small hangup on my old model Trooper.
Wanted to share a small tip.
The top of the hand was a little too tall, trying to turn the cylinder before the bolt drop. The bolt drop was so close to instant I left it alone. Did not want to try finding a new rebound lever if I busted it from over eager bending /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
Anyway back to the hand. Used a fine stone held up to the light so I could see the proper angle (and not change it)
10 or 12 strokes, tried the fit, almost. About 10 more strokes. Just right.
VERY pleased with the precision of the Colt workmanship.
A different world from the Rugers I am used to. Love my Rugers , don't get me wrong, they are just from a newer era of workmanship.
My 2 cents of advice for anyone trying some Colt stoning is to GO SLOW and CHECK OFTEN.
I would have been way too easy to stone away the hand ending up on the short end (a little joke haha)
Thanks to all.
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