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I know very little about Colts, accessories, and their values.
Got a box and papers in a trade and thought someone could use it.I assume its from 1979.
Woodgrain cardboard sleeve,end label reads Trooper Mark 3, 6" Blue. End label is torn from sleeve but all the pieces are there.Most of the papers and styrofoam liner are in excellent condition.
Papers include:
1) Purchase Congratulation Letter
2) Lawman MK3, Trooper MK 3 Instruction manual, dated April 79.Small about 4"X4".
3) Colt Service Stations
4) The Colt Companion(Part No 94866)
5) NRA Post Card for free copy of The American Rifleman or The American Hunter.
$25.00 shipped.SOLD
Thanks, Jim

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