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I am looking at a LNIB Trooper Mark V (blue 4 inch), but cannot find anything but info on Mark III and lower.

The seller is asking $400 with box, all papers, unfired, etc. Retired police detective selling it, was given to him "many years ago".

Serial number is: 08202V

Can anyone share their knowledge on the above? Price seems high to me. I am guessing that it dates from the 1970's.

Thanks in Advance


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The Trooper Mark V was the second modification of the Trooper Mark III series.

In 1969 Colt discontinued the older guns with the original Colt action as still used on the Python.

The Mark III guns were made up until the early 1980's, when the modified Trooper Mark V was introduced.
The Mark V had an improved action, and a rounded grip frame.

In the mid-1980's Colt changed the gun to stainless steel, put on a new lugged and ribbed barrel, and re-named it the King Cobra.

So, other than the barrel and the name, you have essentially a blued King Cobra, made sometime in the mid-80's.

These are EXCELLENT guns, and the price isn't out of line for an unfired example with the box and all.

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Actually I think that's not a bad price for gun like this in the condition you describe.

I don't have any reference books on Colts but my earliest catalog that features the Mk. V is 1982. 1987 is the last mention of a Mk. V gun (Peacekeeper) and it's replacement the King Cobra is first listed in the 1985 catalog.

The Mk. V action was reengineered from the Mk. III for a 15% lighter trigger pull and 8° shorter hammer arc. The grip frame was redesigned to better accomodate wraparound "combat" style grips and a shorter trigger reach.

I have several guns based on the MK. V action: Trooper (6", blue), Peacekeeper, Boa and in the latest incarnation: Anaconda and King Cobra. IMHO, all are awesome guns.

I shoot my Peacekeeper and even though it's the "service" grade version of the Trooper with a matte finish, it's got a wonderfully smooth action; I enjoy shooting it.

I say grab that Trooper, they're not all that common (Mk. IIIs are readily available); they definitely ain't makin' any more of them.

Good luck.

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That is useful info. Seems like I will have a new Colt in the stable tomorrow. Dunno what it is about Colt's but I cannot get enough.

My modest collection includes:

1976 Python RB 4" NIB
1964 Python RB 2.5" Unfired
1999 Magnum Carry (NIB & unfired until today)

Trooper MK V 4" NIB
King Cobra 4" Bright Stainless LNIB
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