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Since the problem got better after a cleaning, I'd say there is still some fouling in there.

The problem is that regular brushes wear quickly, and won't scrub the chambers properly.
Order a BRASS chamber cleaning brush from Brownell's. These come in stainless also, but DON'T get one, as they are very hard on the chamber, and are for use on badly fouled guns. If you can't wait, get a .40 cal brass brush, until you can get the chamber brush. The difference in chamber and bore brushes, is that chamber brushes are over sized, and much stiffer.
Give the chambers a good scrubbing with the chamber brush by pushing it into the chamber, and twisting it as you push it all the way through. This twist and push method will remove whatever is in there. I'm betting the problem will disappear entirely.

If your gun is worn, Colt will replate it.
Unless accuracy is poor, there is no reason to replace the barrel. Unless your going to shoot many, many thousands of rounds, it is unlikely you will wear it out.

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I recently purchased a used nickel Trooper MK III in .357 mag. Was a bit dirty, so gave it a through cleaning and took it to the range.

The accuracy seemed fine, but one problem I noticed was that one round would get stuck in the cylinder. I could eject it with a little effort, but compared to the other 5 spent casings, it is sticking. Once I get the casing out, it fits perfectly well in all other 5 slots, but still sticks a bit in the original slot. At least I don't have an over expansion problem since it fits in the other slots, but what could be the culprit?

Some other helpful people told me it was due to the previous owner shooting too much 38spl out of it which creates a residue ring that may be catching the spent round. I've scrubbed the hell out of the gun with solvents, oils, and a brass brush. The round comes out easier now, but still sticks a little. Doesn't stick enough to make it a serious problem, but I wondered what the fine folks of CF had to say.

Also, the riffling in the barrel looks like it's fired quite a few rounds. Like I said, accuracy is fine, but should I worry about barrel wear? Should I send it in to Colt to get re-finished? Do they even do that?
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