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Some of you will remember I purchased a Trooper MKIII, 6" bbl in 22lr a few months ago. I've tried five or six brands of ammo through it and have been unsatisfied with the accuracy. The best I can do is about baseball sized groups at 25yds. I have a Ruger MKII, basic version with 4" tapered barrel that'll do as well or better than that.

Barrel crown looks good, chamber alignment looks good, too.

I took it down to a gunsmith yesterday and he pointed out that the forcing cone is much too long. In other words, the bullet is in free flight prior to entering the rifling. This makes sense to me, and he also pointed out very small amounts of leading on the face of the cylinder to confirm this. As he explained it, the bullet will cant slightly in the free flight between cylinder and shave some lead within the forcing cone. The leading was very minimal, and I didn't notice that before. Since I once had a Ruger Bearcat that had alignment problems, the leading was very noticeable for that one. Not so with the Trooper.

I left the Trooper with him. He will be sleeving the barrel at the breech end, and adding a new forcing cone. The new forcing cone will not be as deep as the original.

There is one other problem with the Trooper. The double action mode is sticky when shooting....not for working the action without shells in the chambers. He says that polishing the chambers will cure this for me. That also makes sense that the fired casings will be sticky.

Now, the question. Has anyone else had similar problems with their Trooper MKIII?

Your response is appreciated.



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Without actually seeing the barrel I can't address the forcing cone problem, but "sleeving" the rear of the barrel is a very non-standard way of correcting a possible problem.
I'm not sure how this will work out, or affect accuracy.

In my opinion, a better option would be to set the barrel back and re-cut the cone.

As for sticky action when actually firing, this is a common problem with DA .22 revolvers, and seems to be ammo related.

Over the years, I've owned at least 10 various Colt and S&W DA revolvers and over my career I saw a very good many of them.
Of these, virtually all would occasionally have sticking problems, and in my personal guns, the "fix" was usually better quality ammo.

Strangely, on one 6" Colt Trooper Mark III, the ammo that worked best and shot very well, was cheap Thunderbolt.
On another 6" Colt, the ammo of choice was Remington premium "Golden bullet" ammo.

Currently I have a 4" Colt Trooper Mark III and a early second year production Colt old model Trooper.
The only ammo I have on hand is Remington standard velocity, and it causes occasional sticking in both guns, and in the S&W 617 I used it in.
A relative shot some Federal copper ammo in it, and NO sticking.
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