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Trying to find Colt Single Action "COWBOY" grips

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I recently purchased a Colt Single Action Cowboy, and it came with aftermarket grips. I would like to return the revolver to its original look with the factory original black pony grips. Could anybody steer me in the right direction for COWBOY grips. I put an emphasis on COWBOY because I get a general feeling of disdain when I ask this question, as though I haven't searched the internet and websites for any for sale. I have ad nauseeum. I also understand that the Single Action Army grips do not fit the Cowboy model so 99.999% of the grips seen advertised do not fit the Cowboy. With over 47,000 Colt Cowboys produced, it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch finding a pair. Any help is appreciated!

Note: There are many grips for sale that look like these, but they are for a Colt Single Action Army

Photo for reference of what I'm looking for.


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