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As you guys know the 1860 serial numbers end at 200,500.

The 1860 I’ve been looking at is advertised as a 2nd gen which I assume it is but everywhere I’ve read those serial numbers come with either a lettered prefix or suffix.

Being that this serial number is only 2000 later than where they stopped making them would their be any chance it is perhaps a 1st gen?

just curious if anyone else as seen an 1860 with a serial number after 200,500 and no letters at all.

i can post photos but it has the matching serial numbers in the 3 spots that line up and then the last four numbers (2672) on the butt. I guess my final question is what year would this gun be with serial number mentioned above?

sorry for sounding like a noob (i am lol)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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