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The new issue arrived today. There's an article by Robt. M. Lee and R.L. Wilson about historic presentation gold inlay and engraved Colts that Col. Sam had commisioned for exhibitions and presentations to VIPs during his lifetime. The article also briefly discusses different generations of engravers that worked on Colt pieces. My only wish is that the NRA could have included more pictures. The craftmanship and artistic talent in the photo example guns is outstanding. If you want to buy the book, it's about $375 for the standard book. There's a custom book that's $2900!
I'm a DA Colt revolver guy but I found this article very interesting.
Heck, even the standard 20th century pre war handgun finish looks beautiful to me!

There's also an article about the Colt Mustang Pockelite .380 of interest.
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