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I've tried to limit my colts to one or two a year, and I like the 1920s revolvers best. I have none in .22, so have been looking for an officers model. A few weeks ago I was at the local gun show. I usually get torqued at GSs nowadays, 50% is non-gun related: baseball cards, jewelry. But I still go because you can once-in-a-while find deals.

There was a pretty nice Police Positive Target in .22 RF, the guy had $275 on it. Pretty good price, so I asked to see it. "How's the lockup?" He said pretty good, but we clipped the ziptie to be sure. It didn't index that last fraction, until you pulled the trigger. The "positive lock" pushed the cylinder into battery at that point. I made a big deal about the problem and talked the guy down to $200 even.

It shoots ok, double or single action. But the thing is so tiny (1925 G frame) it's hard to hold. I knew I could trade it for an Officers and perhaps get $400 out of it. Then I got anxious, so I bid on a .22 OM on gunbroker. Won it for $500 (a tad high perhaps) but it's supposed to be in 85-90%. We'll see...

I'm REALLY looking forward to the larger-framed, 1940 gun. I imagine the finish will be about as nice as the 1920s guns. I'll report back here.

Now I just have to play it cool for a while so the government (wife) doesn't get mad. I told her I'd trade the PP, but why not keep both for comparison....?
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