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Hello all, so if I understand correctly from other posts, the gun I have is a 1981-82 "pre 1983 strike" Agent, with the "smooth finish matte black" (not parkerized) finish, with factory rubber grips -w- the BLACK Colt raging pony. (Photos shown have Houge grips installed, Colts were removed to protect)

SN# W057xx. Age is based on sn# from chart DA Dates of Manufacture thru 1985.

I believe the finish is such based on this quote from Dfariswheel from the forum colt agent questions "In 1982, before the big Colt strike, Colt changed the Agent finish to a smooth matte black. This was different than the rougher, unpolished matte black finish used during the Colt strike."

I've had other Agents that had a much more distinct color and texture difference between the barrel and frame (parkerized), and this one is a pretty uniform smooth matte black finish (at least I hope.)

I'm looking to sell it, so if you folks could offer any insight I would certainly be in your debt.

Thank you for your time :p


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