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\"Ultimate\" Stainless Python Question??

Saw it at my local Gun Shop.
Used - Looks "mint", need to look very, very close to see a turn ring.
No wear, scuff or dirt of any kind on Pachmyer grips with Colt Logo inlay.
4" barrel.
Bright, shiney stainless finish.
Includes box and paperwork.
Looks like a work of art sitting in the gun case.
Asking price is $849
Is this a good price?

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Re: \"Ultimate\" Stainless Python Question??

Is it an "Ultimate" Bright finish Python.
It's not an "Ultimate Python" correct.
The ultimate Python came only as a 6 inch barrel I think and was custom tuned at Colts Custom shop.
I personally love that finish on the Python.
It's worth that in my opinion, do to it being Mint with box & paperwork.
Then again, what do I know.
It sounds like you like it enough.
See if they can put you out the door for $800 cash.
Does it have it's original Colt grips ?

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