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(Updated 6/11/17) 1930 LNIB Factory Engraved Nickel Detective Special with Pearls

Well, miracles can come true. I just picked this up today at a local show. I had seen the gun in person about 5 or 6 years ago and inquired if it was for sale. The owner politely told me that the gun was part of the family and would never be offered for sale. Fast forward to yesterday at the show. I saw the owner and asked if she still had the gun. She told me it was still "part of the family" and intended to keep it... but was in the process of moving and might be able to use some extra cash. I asked if she would bring it back with her to the show today.

I really didn't expect to see her again but as I was setting up my table this morning, I saw her walking towards me with that tell tale maroon colored Pre-War box in her walker basket. I actually felt myself get a bit nervous as she got closer. I made her an offer and the gun is now the centerpiece of my Detective Special collection. Here are the details: The gun was originally given to her husband's grandfather when he retired from the police department back in Michigan in the early 30's. Over the span of the next 75 years she believes it was only fired once or twice with less than one box of shells in all. The serial number dates the production to 1930. It is still in the factory original serial number matching box, complete with factory labels that read "Engraved" and "Pearl" indicating it was shipped factory engraved with pearl grips. The box even has the original manual and serial number matching test target. The condition is nothing short of 98% to 99% with only the very tiniest of handling marks here and there. I have found a true "once in a lifetime" time capsule of an exceptional piece of Colt craftsmanship. Now for the pics...

9/29/16 - Archive Letter added on page 8 of this thread.
1/6/17 - See additional items related to the gun on page 10 of this thread.
6/11/17 - Check out the Summer 2017 Issue of the Rampant Colt Magazine for the full article.

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I'm impressed that you initiated the process that led to your purchase of the gun. Well done!
Beautiful gun,, by the way.
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