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I have 3 large guard dogs, and no children in the house. I don't really need a safe(but I use one anyways). The 'silly law' depends on where you are. You are either allowed to have a guard dog or not - check the laws specifically. I am more rural, and guard dogs are considered part of your herd. So if someone were to actually break in and injure your guard dogs, they are liable for the damages to the hound. We also have tresspassing laws that protect the property owner very well. The important thing is to not let your dogs escape after you post the signs - that's when you become liable(and irresponsible). If you do NOT have a sign on your gate and someone like a meter reader, whom nearly always has an easement to come onto your property to check the meter, wanders on and becomes attacked THEN you're in real trouble. Put the signs up.

The Komondors are 130 lbs each, while the rottweiler is 145 lbs.

Here's the Rott standing next to one of my non-guard dogs(an 85lb Greyhound that is 30" at the shoulder).

And, unlike a safe or a security system, they will attack an unwelcomed guest and protect me with their lives.


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How many people just lock their guns in a tin box and hide it in a closet? You know who you are! Every owner should consider that just being a gun owner makes him/her a target for certain bad guys who will gladly steal your precious heirlooms, just to buy dope.

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