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So I have these two rifles

1989 A2 Delta Hbar (R 6600 DH) bought 11 years ago, I recently upgraded the scope and put the armoured Tasco in safe storage

1987 A2 sporter II (R 6500) bought just a few weeks ago

And then I had a thought : the Delta has the A2 sights, which are never being used and sit beneath the scope. The sporter has field sights while it’s mostly being shot with open sights. I’ll just swap the uppers.

Plus I had bought the vise block and wrench a few months ago when I changed two barrels on carbines. So it’s a way of amortising the tools I guess.

Now I imagine that some (or many) members feel that the A2 with field sights is a nice rifle, kiss style, and the A2 sight is not always popular. And I tend to agree, less is more, simplicity is bliss. But, I also have a nice SP1 for that; and it’s reversible.

So off go the barrels (not without difficulty, I made a post calling for advice).

It’s clear why the Delta is a pig to carry

It’s also a good opportunity to give barrels and uppers a good scrubbing and cleaning.

Et voilà

And an added benefit, the sporter now looks similar to my M16 A2

I took the sporter to the indoor range for testing. The Delta will have to wait.

First shots at 30 meters, close.

At 50 meters it’s a bit high and left

Fiddling a bit, now low and left

That’s good enough for now

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