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My GGG-grandfather was there, Joel W. Robison, a Texas Ranger & probably used the Paterson. Something of a notable in/after the Battle of San Jacinto 1836, being captor of Santa Ana, President of Mexico, taking him up on his horse, riding double, & delivering him to Sam Houston. He was rewarded by being promoted to First Lieutenant in the Texas Rangers. Painting in TX capitol building in Austin (huge maybe 12x20') shows Santa Ana, #1, standing before Houston, # 28, who had received a leg wound in the battle. Background, hoseback, #18, is Joel W. Robison.

Strange thing ---- my G-father was a kind of protege' of Grandpa Robison as was I as my G-father's only grandson & had heard the Santa Ana story many times but not about Grandpa Robison as a Texas Ranger. Ran on to mention of it somewhere & checked with Texas Ranger Archives in Waco & was referred to the book Savage Frontier Vol I. In it I found five entries of Joel W. Robison's involvement in battles, etc., 1835-1836.

It is worth noting that the Rangers were active in 1835 before independence from Mexico in 1836.

Savage Frontier, by Moore, in 3 massive volumes is basically Texas history from 1833 on, heavily 'people oriented' with pages of alpha index, Vol I has over 330 pages. Highly recommended.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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