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USMC 1909 Revolver question

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I picked up a USMC revolver #139. It has been professional reblued, looks almost like a arsenal refinish leaving most stampings in excellent shape and no buffing of corners but alas, still a reblue. My question is that it came with two pr of grips. Original wooden ones, and the black plastic ones with the Colt logo. Both these grips are made for and fit the rounded butt of the USMC 1909 and will not fit the Army 1909. My first question is, are there other revolvers that have that type of rounded back heel that these grips would fit or would these grips fit only the USMC 1909 revolver. Question 2, I read that the early USMC revolvers had the plastic grips and then the woodened ones. Is serial number #139 early enough for the plastic ones? I paid $450 for the gun. Any ideas of the value even though it's been reblued. I wish I know how to post photos here. Ray.
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rayg; that is a nice looking piece and ANY U.S.M.C. is a rare gun,reblue or not. These guns NEVER were issued with "plastic" grips;the military would NOT accept gutta percha or the hard rubber,or bakelite that commercial New Services had as standard(except for the target models) since their introduction in 1898.Military revolvers had to have wooden stocks for many,many years. The bakelie grips on this gun have been shaped to fit the rounded butt,unique to the Marine Corps frame.(the earlier Marine Corps model,in .38 Colt,on the New Army/New Navy smaller frame had a rounded butt too.) The correct grips are nearly impossible to find,and are NOT the smooth walnut has found on the 1909 Army,1909 Navy or the 1917s. No,being Marines,they had to be different! They are checkered walnut,a diamond around the screw hole,no medallions. The .38 Marine had similiar grips,but of course smaller. Colt later offered a few of this style of grip stocks on an option on their Official Police frame models,but with a square butt. Ive seen a pair on a Camp Perry Single Shot and have a well worn pair on an early 1930's O.Police. I think you got a great deal for $450! Good Catch! Bud
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