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Vacuum Sealing Your Handguns

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Pictured is my 1928 vintage Police Positive 38.

After a good cleaning and a light wipedown with Rem Oil, I vacuum sealed it for long-term storage.
Is this a good idea or not?
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The first thought that oozed out of my noggin was I wondered how the plastic in direct contact with the gun all over would react over time when vacuum sealed. I see that Dfaris addressed the possible repercussions of that. I don't suspect storing in a standard plastic bag would be as bad.
gun storage and long term storage is a favorite topic of debate.. argument.. small scale war.. and even sometimes a simple discussion.
Many do not like the Rem oil because it has been said that it may not perform as well as other lubricant/protectants from moisture. I'm just the messenger on that information.
Many agree that Renaissance Wax is a top long term protector. I switched to using "Renn Wax" a few years ago after joining the Colt Forum. I have been happy so far and the guns look great while protected. don't know for sure how long term performance is, but short term it won't fingerprint with a proper coat of Renn wax. The Smithsonian uses it.. thats the seller for me.
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I'm sure there's at least one gun toting, oil wiping person that doesn't like Renn Wax.. but that guy doesn't like ice cream either. (just joking).. to each his own, right.
but I like easy and Renn Wax goes on easy and can be wiped off basically by the time you finish coating the gun. some like to let it dry awhile. It's safe for everything that comes on a gun .. ivory, wood, plastic, so it does not hurt grips over time. If you don't get all the wax off, its not going to hurt anything. wood grips and oil is bad, as previously mentioned. Renn Wax polishes off well and the gun looks the best and glossiest that it can possibly look. It appears that nothing is on it after being wiped off, but if it has been properly coated then you will notice that you cannot put a fingerprint on the metal as you could before the wax was applied. So you can still handle the gun and re-apply if needed, so its not like being in a state where you can't handle your babies when the need arises. It's magic. Them dang Brits .. It's an English product I believe.
btw... I keep looking at that police positive in the vacuum seal and just get the urge to thaw it in the sink .. :):)
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