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Vacuum Sealing Your Handguns

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Pictured is my 1928 vintage Police Positive 38.

After a good cleaning and a light wipedown with Rem Oil, I vacuum sealed it for long-term storage.
Is this a good idea or not?
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Vacuum sealing is a good way to protect firearms, but not in standard plastic bags and not without VCPI protection.

Standard bags, even freezer types will not only pass moisture, they contain moisture.
I met a man who worked in a plastics factory that made bulk plastic sheeting for use in various plastic bags.
He told me that once the plastic was made it has to be dried to remove the excess moisture before it could be further processed.

To get proper protection you need to use the special plastics that are made for storage of electronics and metals. This "hard" plastic will prevent passage of moisture and air.
When combined with VCPI protection a gun is as well protected as it's possible to be, for at least 10 years or more.
You can buy bags and VCPI sheets or bags with the VCPI already in the bag from Brownell's:

GUNWRAP? PAPER | Brownells


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