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Good morning to all, my name is Manny and I've been posting in S&W forum, in fact there I got your web page.

For all my life, well almost, I was a m1911 die hard man, this was until I discovered the da revolver.

I have three revolvers, a colt python .357 magie in 4" colt royal blue (wearing rubber hogues) a kframe snubie .38 spl s&w and a high stadard double nine in .22 lr.

Sadly the gun legislation of Mexico (I'm a Mexican) is very hard and handguns in chamberings above .380 acp and .38 spl are forbiden for civilianS.

So my pyton even it's registered at the army at my father's name can't be shoot it, cause the goverment does not giva em the transpor permition for shooting practices cause this chamberin is for army/navy/police use only.

My carry gun is a walther ppks in .380 acp.

Last weekend I saw a very nice LNIB colt (I can't recall the model) in .32-20, it's a da revolver with a mid size frame, the owner said it was a gifht from his father and the gun as almost 40-50 years but it has only fired about 25 rounds!!!

What a lovely gun it has a 4 inch barrel and has a da action lyke buther, the .32-20 is a chamberin o.k. for civilians.

I don't intent buy it cause: a) the owner does not sell it and b) the ammo is very dirficult to get in Mexico, however wahta outstanding piece.

Best regards.

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