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+1 for Hopalong's sentiments. That bidder must be more freaked out than me when I had that guy ask me at the gun shop to step outside to talk to him BEFORE I pay for that Python.. as I am writing the check for it !
In the bidder's case, there is apparently reason to be in major concern, just judging from the discrepancies noted in the posts. These discrepancies that are fairly easily observed by the experienced is exactly why the novices like myself to Pythons better be careful when diving in to the deep end of the pool.
as for the romantic comments of smooching the shiny parts, one has to imagine how much work it is for a blue chip firearms dealer like Marc and other highly reputable dealers to locate, prep, market, sell, and deliver (and I am not a dealer..) a much sought after and/or rare item. then, see an obvious sheep in shepherd's clothing up for auction or partial robbery, whichever the case may be. This has to be upsetting and liken to running an honest race whilst watching the competitor strap on rocket shoes. just bound to make ya slightly perturbed.
and in final thoughts before we break for commercial.. does doing the wrong thing for a good cause, still a good thing?? I might be ducking behind my keyboard now, although its aluminum and not steel plated.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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