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I would say you got more than his

[Information added 9/6/2013 12:10:23 AM]
I have had several people question the authenticity on parts of this offering, from the grips to the paper Colt letter, to the box. All I can say to this is, I don't know, I am not a Colt collector but I will listen to one. What I am sure of is, this complete offering was purchased from an estate as a set and offered here for sale with no statement from me as to it being completely authentic or not. I do NOT or will NOT mislead buyers in anyway, so if someone has placed a bid and thinks they were mislead, I would encourage them to cancel their bid within the next 48 hours.....NOW....That being said, when someone questions an auction that's fine but when someone questions my support and commitment to The Wounded Warriors Project that crosses the line. I may not be the big Colt collector on the block but I do know what the wounded Vet feels and confronts every day of his or her life. So you want to get personal, Keystone Arms...step right up and kiss this wounded old warrior's ass!!!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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