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I have this magazine here I bought a gun show some years ago now and I believe its for a vest pocket hammerless in .32 ACP I dunno if I should sell it to someone here who would want one or keep it for when I buy a vest pocket myself? It wont fit my Colt 32 Pocket Hammerless so I believe its the vest model. I bought a Colt hammerless magazine off ebay for 58 bucks a few days ago because it seemed like a good deal I paid like 120 bucks for my 380 mags for my 1908. Im not buying guns anymore like I used to but I do want a vest pocket to complete my hammerless collection lol... Anyway nice to be back on here!

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I have not seen an all blue, pinned, marked square top.
That thing may be a unicorn, and is worthy of investigation.
Somebody needs to chime in and school me. .....ei8gt? Ou est vous?
Whatever it actually is, it is interesting.
It should run in any model M.

(........where do you guys find this stuff, anyway?...................)
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