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Well I won't get THIS lucky again...

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Stopped by a local 'big box'-ish sporting goods shop today when running some errands because I'd gotten an email or some alert mentioning Winchester brand ammo as being discounted for the weekend.

I like Winchester for several of my go-to calibers, but was surprised when checking the site again to see .45 Colt Cowboy LFN 'silver box' packs of 50 listed at $32.95 ea.

Dubious, I asked the clerk which was correct - the shelf tag reading 70+, or the website. They kinda frowned, then kinda grinned, and told me: "Lucky day dude - boss has been really cracking down on how the website price is always the correct price."

So in a nutshell, I have a new empathy for the pack mules the Army once used and that location is now out of .45 Colt :)
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