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One of your local LGS or online vendors is price gouging

  • Find what I need or want somewhere else

    Votes: 90 72.6%
  • Pay the price they are asking and shut up

    Votes: 4 3.2%
  • Sulk and badmouth the vendor/never shop there again

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • Try and understand the problem due to outside influences

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • Wait until things get better before buying anything

    Votes: 32 25.8%
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If it was a local shop (or even online seller), I would stay away for a few months and then come back and see if their prices are still high. It could be that they were either trying to take advantage of the market or just trying to keep inventory on the shelves. If they still see to be gouging then I would do the same thing again. I've tried to boycott stores before but my self imposed boycotts only last a few months and I start shopping there again out of curiosity, wifely pressure, or simple convenience.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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