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I own a Series 80 Officer Model in nickel. It needed new sights, grips, and a trigger job when I got it. Recently, I have shot 2 1991A1s a Government Model and a Compact.I could live with both of these pistols right out of the box. Did Colt finally get it right? Regards, Richard.
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I've said in many recent posts that I think Colt is currently building the best 1911's that they've built in years. I currently own an XSE model, and XS model, and a 1991A1 with the Videki trigger installed from the factory. All of these guns are fit as well as any Springfield or Kimber that I have ever owned and the overall worksmanship is excellent. I like the 1991A1 so well that I am waiting for my dealer to get another so that I can give it a home.
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