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I recently posted in another thread about blueing wear & whether to re-blue or not,I mentioned my favorite competition Colt that had been the 1st prize in the 1960 Calif. State Championship & that I'd worn a lot of the blueing off it,it's a 7 1/2" .44spcl,I had John Phillips build a custom stainless cyl. for it back around 1975 or '76 & it still looks like a new cyl.,it's really taken a beating over the years,when John made it Colts cyls. were rated [I think] @ 65,000 psi & John had my cyl. heat treated to 220,000 psi..It's a 2nd Gen. Colt but when John made it he made it like a 3rd gen. w/o the base pin bushing.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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