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What is the golden era of Colt?

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What years would you define as the "golden era" of Colt and why? What I mean is what period of time in Colt's history do you think they excelled the MOST at quality control, level of finish quality, types of models offered, or any other characteristic which you deem relevant to determing such a thing?

I forget how to post a poll, but I would rather just have peoples commentary anyway... Thanks.
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My selection would be the period of 1847 through 1875. Nothing surpasses, in my mind, the old plow handle single action Colts. Sure, the 'Twenties (Nineteen Twenties) era saw some great DA revolvers, but they lacked the svelte looks of the SA models.

Bob Wright
The Exhibition Grade guns of that era were truly spectacular. When you understand the tools that these artists in metal had to work with, and you are a metalworker yourself, you realize they were truly something special.
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