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What is the golden era of Colt?

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What years would you define as the "golden era" of Colt and why? What I mean is what period of time in Colt's history do you think they excelled the MOST at quality control, level of finish quality, types of models offered, or any other characteristic which you deem relevant to determing such a thing?

I forget how to post a poll, but I would rather just have peoples commentary anyway... Thanks.
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Guess I'm out of luck LOL? I have an "entire one" Colt revolver (or any other firearm...yet) in my "collection" LOL, and it is a beat up .32 Police Positive from 1910...and the display of the Golden Era is from 1911-1941...just my single example does not count LOL, missed by one year LOL. (Hope everyone knows I am joking here.)

Seriously, I guess what I'd consider the Golden Era, just by what I like so far, would be the turn of the 20th Century up to the 1950s. I guess I watch too many Noir Films LOL.
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