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I know that this has been discussed before. But, the answer is a moving target and can tend to change as time goes by.

At present, I have eighteen 9mm pistols of different makes/models.

I like each of them for various reasons. (How鈥檚 that for hedging my bets? 馃榾)

However, there is one that is as close to perfect as it gets. It is incredibly accurate. The extremely low bore axis tames the recoil to an astonishing degree. The sights are so different and provide an very easy to see sight picture.
The trigger pull and overall balance are outstanding as well.
Extra grip panels and blackstraps are included for a conversion to fit the hand.
I鈥檒l end the suspense......

It is the Steyr L9 A2 MF ( Modular Frame)

What is your favorite? Why??



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My favorite without a doubt, and it goes with me everywhere I go, is my Glock 43 9mm + P Why? It鈥檚 light, small, very accurate, spot on accurate, and never ever a jam. Flawless operation at its best.

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I'm not a 9mm guy preferring the Colt .38 Super over the 9mm but, I do like the
Browning Hi-Power, which we have
S & W M39, 439 we have a 39, I sold my 439
Star Super A but this is 9mm Largo, but we do have one

For the .38 Super I like everyone I have and or did have.

I had an FNP 40 but my nephew bought it from me, my brother has the current version. I'd like one of these in 9mm.

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I never really liked the 9mm and around 25 years ago sold all my 9mm pistols. Then I grabbed a RIA 1911 in 9mm just because it was so cheap (~$300). Lately I've bought a few more. The Sig P210 is the absolute tops but the CZ 75 isn't far behind. The CZ75 is to the world like the 1911 to the US.

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I've heard nothing but great things about those Steyr's like you have. I may have to run one down soon and give it a go.

Of the current family, if I were to go a carryin' and a fighting', I'd grab my Wilson EDC X9. It's simply a gem. Flat shooting, plenty of capacity, more than accurate and slick as snot when running it. If it's just range time and punching holes, the Sig P210 takes it.

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In my case, it would have to be the Bernardelli P-018. No points for making the connection.

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I鈥檓 partial to the P35. I like it because it is all steel, full length barrel, backstrap fits the hand very well so felt recoil is negligible. It鈥檚 extremely reliable and accurate. I teach pistol safety and it is a great gun for beginners. I also like the history of the Hi Power, one of the few guns to be used on both sides of many conflicts.
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I could never paint myself into a one favorite corner. Wayyy too much stuff out there that I like lol
My only rule really is all metal/no plastic.
So now I just have several and my fav is whichever one Im shootin at the time.
Hows that for self enabling & justification?

Heres a few of my favs minus the 1911 on the right.
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The top 2 here are my most recent favs lol
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