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Subcontracting has a long history in the firearms industry.

The first of the famous Remington Rolling Block rifles were made by Savage Arms Company.

During the Civil War Smith & Wesson was so busy filling orders for their Number 1 and Number 2 revolvers, that when they introduced the Number 1 1/2 shortly after the war they subcontracted out to have the parts made for the first 25,000 1 1/2s.

Also during the Civil War Colt's purchased locks, barrels, etc. in England and Belgium for their .58 caliber rifle-musket, as well as having approximately 20 subcontractors in the U.S. supplying additional parts. Colt also had complete rifle-muskets made in Englad to his specificications.

Winchester Double-Barrel shotguns from the 1870's-1880s were purchased in England and stamped with the Winchester name.

And for something more recent, 3rd Generation Colt SAA frames are subcontracted out to be forged and have one EDM cut done to them (Colt supplies the metal and the dies).

John Gross
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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