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What Makes It A Colt?

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I have a second generation dragoon, first model, f series. Guy in a gunstore and I were talking about second gen Colts and he sort of put them down, saying they were made with Italian parts. While that's partly true, I got to thinking:

C series were made with Uberti parts, which Colt assembled in its factory, from what I've read. Today, if one buys many a gun, sometimes it was not made by the folks whose name is on it. I've heard Winchesters and Weatherby's are made overseas, or were for a good while. So, at least those Uberti parts were assembled by Colt at Colt, right?

My dragoon is a F series. From what I've read, Uberti supplied some things such as back straps, but good old American Iver Johnson made the frames and cylinders here in the USA. Yeah, though Iver Johnson assembled the guns, the guns at least passed through Colt for inspection.

Lastly, I read that the first generation, first model, Colts, were made for Colt by Eli Whitney.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think we who own C and F series second generation Colts have legitimate Colts. I mean, if Eli Whitney did the first!

That's all. I just registered here. Feel free to tell me any stuff you know about second gen Colts. I'm always wanting to learn more.

Iver (No relation to Mr. Johnson)
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This poor deceased equine continues to be pummeled yet again.

Astra made the Colt Junior. Firearms International made the Colt Automatic .25. Current production Colt frames are forged by a vendor, not Colt. (Does that make the finished guns not "real" Colts?) My "American" car was made in Canada and my "American" truck was made in Mexico. In the end, the name on the firearm (or the vehicle) is the most important fact. I give Colt credit for marketing these guns as a tribute to Colt history. At least they were not made in Japan.
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