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Being that it would be classified as a shooter, meaning it doesn't have the original box and has been shot, it all comes down to the condition of it. It looks like it is in fairly good shape condition wise, and as long as the mechanics and timing are all proper, I would say a fair price would be between $1500-$2000. Where in between? That would be up to how badly a certain individual wants that particular Python.

If I was interested in it, it would be for the $1500. Why? Because it has nothing significant going for it. It's just a plain blue Python of later vintage. The 4" barrel is appealing but doesn't increase value for me. The original walnuts might make it a couple hundred above $1500 for some, but not me. It also appears to be a secondary turn line on the cylinder. If true, that is a flaw resulting from neglect, not honest wear wear, so that impacts value. Some people say $2200 for a shooter Python, and I can agree IF the condition is like 99%. Once you start losing % due to things like secondary turn lines and such, the price should start dropping.

I just watched a good condition e-nickel sit on GB and go unsold for $1600 BIN. It had some discoloration from storage but it probably would have polished out. I think the market has really gotten soft for snake guns in general that don't have anything significant or rare about them. Pythons included.

The best thing in my opinion is to post on some threads to get your count up, then list it here in the classifieds starting at $1900. Then if no one is interested, start dropping the price by $100 every week or every other week. By the time it hits $1700 it will probably be snatched up. Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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