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Right Weagle, 5th and I had a conversation about the second turn line and I have to disagree about neglect. To some degree yes but it can happen in one cylinder full to an experienced shooter and when the cylinder is opened before one knows it they dragged it for a split second. It happens and maybe you could call it neglect but I feel that's a little harsh. Also disagree on bsmalley's price points but that's all opinion and comes down to what the market will bear. I say if you want we try to clean it up a bit. If we do and that line is more a very Topical rub and may be able to be minimized. If so, I say you show before and after, be completely straight forward and put it here for $2300 and if no bites bring it down until the market dictates the value. Pm me if want help cleaning it up. I think it's pretty nice save the second line. Or list it at 2050 as is and $250 for the stocks separate as they look very nice.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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