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What Should I do with This?

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What doI do with this Python? So, here's the thing. I live in Northwest Connecticut down the road from an older Italian fellow. This man is from the old country, and can tells stories with a heavy native accent of how the bombs dropped around him as a child in Italy during World War II. Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and while we all have a shelf life, his time here is has been dramatically limited. Being in law enforcement, this gentleman asked me to see what its worth, and if it's something that would sell quickly. This gun was bought in Connecticut about 30 years ago, likely new, but he can't recall and doesn't have the box. So, it is as it is. I had a local collector look at it, he said its 97%, whatever that means to you gun guys/gals. So, do I just give it to a gun store to get rid of so they can make easy money? Do I try to find a collector so he gets the most, because what I have been able to find out is these things are more valuable by the day. I can't list on this forum because I don't have sufficient posts, although I think you guys/gals are exactly the ones who can appreciate this. Gun store would give him $1500, collector thinks its worth $2200. Has a serial # of V08459, which I have been told is able to be tracked to 1979. Any thoughts, comments, or do I just unload at the nearest gun dealer? John [email protected]
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Bsmalley23, I am curious. What type of neglect causes a secondary drag line?
(Or can anybody else explain?)
I am a newbie to revolvers and I had the same question. Can anyone explain? :)
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