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What should I pay for a PYTHON HUNTER GUYS..

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Hey guys I wanted to ask if anyone has knowledge on the python hunter.I really want one and have found one just about NIB with everything it should have from factory but not sure what I should pay for it. I looked on GB but there doesn't seem to be many in great shape to get an idea of price from. Any info helps . Thanks again and happy Sunday
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A quick search of the completed auctions on Gunbroker shows the 2 most recent ones that actually sold went for $1,825 (2 bids) and $3,026 (21 bids). Both of them were in 97-98% with the factory aluminum case and all the goodies (the less expensive one was missing the foam insert and the finish was slightly worse than the other). It seems like the latter one was the product of a bidding war and someone just HAD to have it.
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Wow that is a pretty big difference.. Thanks Nate!
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