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What years did Colt make this GCNM box?

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This box seems like it was only made for a year or two in the first 70 Gold Cups. Does anyone which years and how long? What would be value of the box? manual or pamphlet...just the tissue was in it. Thanks!


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Anybody know? I'm thinking 71 only.
The Series '70 pistols were introduced in (surprise) 1970. Therefore, the pictured box came into use in 1970 and continued until the Styrofoam-insert boxes were introduced, which I think (notice qualifier) was in 1974.
My 1975 Series 70 .38 Super came in the styro-insert box, so the Judge is close in his asessment.
Ok thanks guys. For some reason I thought there was another style cardboard box before the wood grain styrofoam ones came out. Guess it was the pre70 box that I saw. Thanks again.
I also agree with the judge although it would not surprise me if that box came out in 1969. What did they do for end labels and inventory control back then?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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