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What's the current wait for a Colt letter?

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and cost?

Also, those who have sent revolvers back for a refinish, what was the wait on that?

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For what its worth I collect Browning Shotguns. I can directly call the historian Glen Jensen at Browning he will tell me how a gun will letter before I letter it. I have the option of ordering a letter or not based what info he provides me on the phone. Why order a letter if the gun is not correct, correct ? Or if the letter is going to be very limited. He tells me what the letter will say before I spend a dime. I like that option. When I call I get him, not a voicemail mail. It cost me 35.00 dollars a letter and I have the letter at my doorstep within 5 days of my initial contact with him. I have lettered rare 50,000 dollar guns with Browning and they charge me the same ole simple 35.00 dollars regardless of the guns value. That's what I call true customer service. He is a one man show and he takes care of business. I wish you could get that type of service with Colt or Smith or even something remotely close.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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