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What\'s the going value?

As much as I hate to move it out, I'm considering selling my NIB Colt Gold Cup Trophy. All that's been done to it is installed Chip McCormic double diamond grips. What's the going value?

I may also part with a LNIB (you can not tell by looking it has been shot... fact is it may not have been???) Ciener 22cal. conversion with 2 extra mags. (total of 3)
What's the going value?

I'd appreciate todays real world value.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: What\'s the going value?

Well, I would venture to say that a NIB Gold Cup Trophy goes for about $800 - blue, $840 - SS.

The Ceiner .22 cal conversion kit goes for $199 - standard, $249 - Platinum and mags go for $35 ea.

The law of supply and demand will adjust those values accordingly.

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